Saturday, August 16, 2008

Throwing It All Away - GENESIS (from invisible touch album)

(C)Need I say I love (F/C) you
(C)Need I say I (F/C)care
(C)Need I say that (F/C) emotion's,
(C)Something we don't(F/C) share

(Fsus4)I don't want to be sitting (F) here
(C) trying to deceive (F/C)you
(C)Cos you know I know(F/C) baby
(Fsus4) I don't wanna(F) go.

We cannot live together
We cannot live apart
That's the situation
I've known it from the start
Every time that I look at you
I can see the future
Cos you know I know baby
I don't wanna go.

F/G F/C Fsus4 F/C

Throwing it all(Fsus4) (F)away
Throwing it all(Fsus4) (F)away

F/G F/C Fsus4 F/C

Is there nothing that I(Fsus4) (F)can say
To make you change (F/C)your mind

I (C)watch the world go(F/C) round and (C)round

And (C)see mine turning (F/C)upside (C)down
(C)whoa (F/C)whoa (C)whoa (F/C)whoa whoa whoa

You're throwing it all (C)away. (F/C)whoa (C)whoa (F/C)whoa whoa whoa

Who will light up the darkness
Who will hold your hand
Who will find you the answers
When you don't understand
Why should I have to be the one
Who has to convince you
Cos you know I know baby
That I don't wanna go.

Some day you'll be sorry
Someday when you're free
Memories will remind you
That our love was meant to be
Late at night when you call my name
The only sound you'll hear
Is the sound of your voice calling
Calling after me.

Just throwing it all away
Throwing it all away
And there's nothing I can say ay ay oh oh....
You're throwing it all away.

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